Go Sailor "S/T"

Lookout 153

There is something magical about Go Sailor that makes you want to describe their efforts, perhaps inaccurately, in simple terms. They wrote and played great song: basic and beautiful. The songs themselves, however, are not at all simple. They just sound so damn honest, so pure, that they resonate with those simple ideas. Some measure of this effect can be attributed to the people who create it; Rose sings beautifully and stirs a charming guitar, while Amy’s skillfully dynamic and textured drumming strolls and skips hand in hand with the bounce of Paul’s electric bass lines. By the by, Rose used to sing and play guitar in Tiger Trap, Paul beat the bass in Crimpshrine and Amy was in Aisler Set and Henry's Dress, But Go Sailor is much more than the simple sum of these parts. This self-titled CD, originally released in 1996, collects all the songs from the three vinyl-only EPs and various compilation appearances by this short-lived but much-loved band.

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