Sweet Baby & Brent's TV "Hello Again"

Lookout 102

In addition to reissuing Sweet Baby's "It's a Girl" on Lookout in 1995, the band and label also collaborated on the 40-track "Hello Again" split album. The CD-only release includes Sweet Baby's 1988 demo tape plus solo acoustic demos by Sweet Baby's two singer/songwriters, Dallas Denery and Matt Buenuostro. The second half of the CD features a demo tape and live tracks by Dallas Denery's younger brother John Denery's band, Brent's TV's, a great acoustic based pop-punk outfit from Arcata, California that existed at roughly the same time. In fact, Brent's TV and Sweet Baby played one show together in 1990 in Arcata. Brent's TV's music was a high-spirited take on punk-pop, this time with a 60s feel. THe band also included future members of The Hi-Fives and Tight Bros. From Way Back When. Brent's TV's only other release was a vinyl-only EP on Lookout Records in 1990.

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