Ted Leo And The Pharmacists "The Tyranny Of Distance"

Lookout 268

Ted Leo is a rare gem in the indie rock world. Having labored for years in the mod pop outfit Chisel, he released his first solo effort in 1999 fusing his influences from such artists as The Jam, Elvis Costello and Squeeze with his love of reggae and dub music. His second solo album "The Tyranny Of Distance" takes this one step further and is a brilliant showcase of Ted's incredible vocal and guitar playing talent and amazing song writing skills. Produced by Brendan Canty (drummer of Fugazi, producer of The Make-Up), Leo's first Lookout Records release has moments of such pure musical happiness it is difficult to stop listening to it once you hear it for the first time. This is a special record that combines pop purity with a unique rock assault that recalls both Elliott Smith and Thin Lizzy. The recording has a hyper-energetic, almost-live sound but with the polish of the accomplished musicians who performed and produced it, including James Canty (Nation Of Ulysses, The Make-Up), Seb Thomson (Trans Am) and former members of Golden, Tsunami and The Telegraph Melts. Originally released in 2001, this album was followed by Ted Leo And The Pharmacists' "Hearts Of Oak" and "Shake The Sheets," both on Lookout Records.

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