Groovie Ghoulies "Appetite for Adrenochrome"

Lookout 148

"Appetite for Adrenochrome" is the classic first full-length from the Groovie Ghoulies, recorded in 1989. This 13 track spooky punk slab of vinyl was originally released on Crimson Corpse Records, and later given the Lookout makeover in 1996. Kepi's trademark horror and sci-fi soaked fun punk anthems stretch out over this 12", with gems such as "Blood Beach," "The Blob," "Do the Bat," "Ghoul Chant" among the strong track listing plus a couple covers and a hidden rock treat!! Each track kicks straight in, leaving no time wasted. This early incarnation of the Ghoulies is an indispensable time capsule of a funtastic band making it's first mark on a long and blood soaked punk trail!