Operation Ivy "Energy"

Lookout 10

The influence of the Operation Ivy's debut and only full length "Energy" cannot be overstated. Originally released by Lookout in 1989, Operation Ivy blends a perfect cocktail of melodic punk, ska, and high energy. Truly one of the greatest punk albums of all time, "Energy" is an album is continuously essential. 19 tracks on the original release span the subject of laid back summer days ("Bad Town"), manic ska ("Smiling") and classic East Bay punk ("Big City"). Operation Ivy appeared and disappeared in a flash, leaving behind only a few recordings that were instantaneously legendary within the punk scene (and beyond). Name-checked by many, and loved by many more, "Energy" will always remain an album that has to belong in any self respected music lovers collection. The members of OPIV went on to form bands including Rancid, Schlong, Downfall, The Transplants, Big Rig, and Common Rider.