Sludgeworth "Losers Of The Year"

Lookout 131

"Losers Of The Year," Sludgeworth’s posthumous collection of recordings, is a testament to a great underground band that never received their due during their original run. The roots of Sludgeworth date back to 1989 when Screeching Weasel was on hiatus. Dan Schafer and Brian Vermin along with three other Chicago locals (Adam White, Dave McClean and Mike Hootenstrat), formed Sludgeworth, creating an almost immediate impact  after releasing their first single for Roadkill Records and gaining a strong local following with a score of successful live shows, headlining over future punk rock royalty like Green Day, Jawbreaker and Midwest punk veterans such as The Effegies. As 1991 set in, they set about recording a full length for Chicago’s Johann’s Face records, titled “What’s This?”. Musical differences soon began rearing their head though the band pushed on, clocking in more live shows with the likes of The Vindictives, Pegboy and the Smoking Popes. A self-released two track 7” EP followed, entitled “Brightside,” before the band finally split over direction. Schafer continued as part of a new phase of Screeching Weasel while other members explored funk leanings in a new venture, Pound. Sludgeworth’s "Losers Of The Year" stands as the legacy of a unique band that crafted heartfelt punk anthems, with huge melodies and guts. Every track a sing-a-long classic, capturing the essence of an important time in the history of Midwestern punk rock and still sounding relevant today. Featured on this release are tracks from the “What’s This?” full length, the “Brightside” EP and various unreleased tracks.