Various Artists "Punk USA"

Lookout 77

Released in 1994, Punk USA marks a time when the much loved compilation full length was coming to an end to be replaced by the “sampler”. Truly a compiled album in its essence, Punk USA presents a cross section of so many great and important punk bands from the mid 1990’s. Compiled by Screeching Weasel’s Ben Weasel, this album holds 15 standout tracks, and a hidden treat. Classic cuts from The Queers, Screeching Weasel, and The Vindictives, all exclusive to this LP. Favourites of the day Face to Face blast through a track reminiscent of their early days, and the ever legendary Jawbreaker submit an unreleased anthem in the form of “Sea green foam” that was always destined to become a future classic. Punk USA also goes the length and breadth of the punk spectrum from this time period with swinging sounds of Thankless Dogs, the tight melodies of Sinkhole and the peppy chimes of Beatnik Termites. Other just as noteworthy performances come in the form of Moral Crux, Scratch Bongowax, 8 Bark, The Pist, Submachine, Garden Variety, Scratch Bongowax and pre Squirtgun outfit Rattail Grenadier! Quite possibly one of the last great compilation releases of this era, and utterly essential!