Squirtgun "Shenanigans"

Lookout 118

Indiana’s Squirtgun made their Lookout Records debut with these 4 tracks of undeniably upbeat and catchy punk. Led by former Rattail Grenadier members (and brothers) Flav (guitar) and Mass (bass) Giorgini and vocalist Matt Hart, the “Shenanigans” EP does not let up on its ability to make you smile. From the opening riff of “Social,” Squirtgun kick out their own brand of charming pop punk that never strayed over the coming years. Released in 1995, "Social" was actually featured during the opening titles of 1995 Kevin Smith's movie, “Mallrats." Drummer Dan Lumley (Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, Common Rider) also takes the throne for this morsel of pop goodness.