Pretty Girls Make Graves "Good Health"

Lookout 279

"Good Health" was the debut album by Seattle WA's Pretty Girls Make Graves. Seattle, WA is well known for its creative and self supporting music community. All members have done time in well known and respected Seattle bands before joining forces as Prety Girls Make Graves. Singer and lyricist Andrea Zollo was in the highly regarded Death Wish Kids and Area 51, guitarist Jason Clark was in Kill Sadie and Sharks Keep Moving, drummer Nick Dewitt and Nathen Johnson were both in The Bee Hive Vaults, and bassist Derek Fudesco was a founding member of the much loved Murder City Devils as well as pairing with Zollo in Area 51. While many musicians outgrow the rough and furious genre of punk, one thing that made this band so special is that the musicians involved honed their playing for many years before returning to reinvent what they initially loved about punk music. So while they do have the music history to refer to, what the band accomplished with PGMG was so much more. Always keeping sincerity and emotion as a primary force guiding their music, but combining that with stellar musicianship and exciting song writing, Pretty Girls Make Graves were an amazing and unforgettable band. "Good Health" features the incredible single, "Speakers Push The Air."

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