Various Artists "The Thing That Ate Floyd"

Lookout 11

This huge 1988 compilation is like a history lesson for those uneducated about the world of the Gilman Street and Californian punk scene of the time. Compiled by David Hayes and originally spanning 4 sides of 12” vinyl (and later on a remastered double CD) there are few chinks in this musical armor. Unreleased material comes in the form of such Lookout! artists as Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, Isocracy, Mr. T Experience, Plaid Retina, The Lookouts, Stikky, Sewer Trout, Nuisance, Sweet Baby, and that’s only scratching the surface. This iconic release, packed with 34 tracks of goodness also has such favorites of the day as Cringer, No Use For A Name, Capitol Punishment and Steelpole Bathtub. An amazing representation of the fertile California underground scene that went on to define punk into the 90s. Housed in unique packaging wrapped around a huge booklet, file this release under: Essential.