The Avengers "Died For Your Sins"

Lookout 217

Penelope Houston returns with The Avengers for this amazing slab of punk history. Originally put together at the height of the first round of punk in the late 70’s, The Avengers defined an era in American punk. “Died for your sins” is a compilation of sorts, that most importantly features new material under the late 90’s version of the band “The Scavengers” (With Lookout regulars Danny Panic, and Joel reader) . This alone worth the door price, this full length also has classic material from studio rehearsal sessions, recorded in 1978. Side B reveals more classic cuts from the 70’s in the form of various live appearances, making this an essential document of old and new from this iconic band. Penelope’s trademark attitude is scattered through out these 18 tracks, while the classic punk sound is embedded into every minute, of this far too short lived band. With no where near the amount of official output on the market this band deserves, “Died for your sins” proves to be a must have recording of a band that remains untouched in a classic era of punk rock.