Moral Crux "Something More Dangerous"

Lookout 272 (Panic Button)

Moral Crux are armed with iron front fury as much as huge melodies. Influenced by such “77 style” punk bands as Stiff Little Fingers, Moral Crux are able to make you find yourself knowing every lyric due to the catchiness of the mainstream bashing tunes. Already a long serving member of the underground, these Washington State punkers christened Lookout! Imprint Panic Button with “Something More Dangerous.” The 14 tracks are a perfect mix of total harmony and punk rock anger. Upbeat all the way, tracks like “Bomb for the Mainstream”, “Beat of despair”, and “Waiting for a bomb” make it impossible to be a casual listener of this slab of ganglike punk. This full length picks up the pace on faster numbers “Teenage Atrocity” and “Get outta my brain” adding fuel to this punk fire. If you like your socially aware punk laced with big melodies, this full length is for you.