Plaid Retina "S/T"

Lookout 7

With roots in the Los Angeles metal scene, Plaid Retina came about in 1986 influenced by the speedy crossover hardcore bands of the day such as DRI, and the underground punk scene. The self titled 1988 7” on Lookout gives example of band creating chaos and fury that would translate over for many years to come in future full on endeavors in the punk and hardcore scene. 12 tracks spanning two sides of this 7”, show the attitude contained within. With track titles such as “aggravated assault”, “sugar fit”, and “leprosy”, Plaid Retina had as much personality as they did ultra fast nihilism. The Plaid Retina 7”, give another example of a band not only laying groundwork, but creating another important staple in the early Lookout catalog. Plaid Retina stuck around for many years after this initial sonic attack, putting out records for a host of independent labels, as well as a full length for Lookout. Recommended for those appreciate their music in short, sharp shocks!