Sewer Trout "Songs About Drinking"

Lookout 8 

Sacramento’s Sewer Trout were another of the Gilman Street mainstays of the late 1980’s. After initially featuring on Maximum Rocknroll’s legendary “Turn It Around” compilation, Sewer Trout released their first proper record on Lookout, the seven track 7” EP “Songs About Drinking." Sewer Trout’s charm lay in it’s loose rambling pop punk ditties, not unlike early Dead Milkmen. With trademark voice, Jim Maclean warbles though offbeat tracks such as “Sex Trout” and “President of the Anarchy Club." Paired up with brother Hal Maclean on drums, Jim’s lyrics are instantly memorable and, at times, heartfelt and personal (as evidenced on “I’m a Hypocrite." “Songs About Drinking” serves as another crucial piece in the early jigsaw puzzle of Lookout’s catalog, and was the beginning in a line of releases well loved by collectors. Though only active a handful of years, Sewer Trout - and their love of beer and crude humor - live on!