The Vindictives "The Many Moods of The Vindictives"

Lookout 116

“The Many Moods of The Vindictives” is a double album worth of psychotic, troubled, fast punk rock. By the time of their Lookout debut, the “Rocks in My Head” vinyl single, these Chicago crazies had already amassed an impressive collection of self released EP’s. These EP’s along with various compilation appearances were collected into this 28 track collection. Every song is a punch to face of anti-establishment, reclusive, rude and utterly insane punk. “The Many Moods of The Vindictives” fits perfectly alongside early releases by pals (and peers) The Queers and Screeching Weasel, while retaining a trademark sound of schizo vocals with manic and melodic punk rock. Originally released in 1995.