Various Artists "Can of Pork"

Lookout 44
The epic Can of Pork compilation double album is great document of the thriving early 1990's punk scene in the East Bay and other pocket scenes around the US including The Lookouts final recorded appearance, “Kick Me in the Head”, truly one of their more loose, rocking tracks. Also featured are Fifteen, Blatz, the first recorded appearance of Lag Wagon among the rest of this top notch comp along with nuggets from other Lookout artists Mr T. Experience, The Vagrants, Wynona Riders, Brent’s TV, Juke, Jack Acid and Spitboy. Another achievement of Can of Pork, was to capture on record a number of other unsung punk treasures of the day, such as One Man Running, The Lizards, and The Porcelain Boys. Legendary ex-OPIV outfit Downfall contributed “North Berkeley," teasing interest in one of the most anticipated bands that was to never be. Housed in perfect Lookout trademark style artwork, Can of Pork stands the test of time as a document of its day - covered in punk landmines, and littered with the right attitude.