Crimpshrine "Quit Talkin' Claude"

Lookout 15

Crimpshrine graduate from two minute chaotic punk blasts to lengthier introspective tunes on “Quit Talkin’ Claude”, their second EP for Lookout. The band shows a deeper and more emotional side on tracks “Butterflies” and “Situation," with a solid yet slightly restrained beat, compared to chaotic - and awesome - rhythms of “Sleep, What’s That?" From the the whistles on the opening track, to the Hendrix style riffage of “Inspiration," this line-up (featuring Paul Curran on bass) had clearly matured, even if they hadn't grown up. You can easily hear early traces of the musical ideas explored by ex-Crimpshrine members in bands such as Fifteen, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.