Screeching Weasel "Anthem for a New Tomorrow"

Lookout 76

Screeching Weasel returned with full length number five in 1993. Featuring the golden line up of Weasel, Jughead, Vapid and Panic, with cameo appearances from Fat Mike, Jawbreaker’s Blake Schwarzenbach and Joey Vindictive of The Vindictives, the Weasel team were onto another winner. Clocking in with 18 tracks, “Anthem” blends a perfect cocktail of fast aggressive punk, melodic punk ditties, and memorable songwriting. From fast snotty punk blasts of “Leather Jacket” and “Three Sides” to angst-pop tunes of “Claire Monet” and “Falling Apart,” this is prime Screeching Weasel at the top of their game. Tight performances and straightforward production showcase Ben Weasel’s knack for great punk songwriting. Each song flows into the next, with a series of jolts to the system. The middle piece of their trilogy of early 90’s albums, “Anthem For A New Tomorrow” was, is and always will be a true classic of the era.