Pinhead Gunpowder "Fahizah"

Lookout 58

Comprised of members of Crimpshrine, Fuel and Monsula (among others), Pinhead Gunpowder was Lookout!'s first supergroup. Their debut release, "Fahizah" is comprised of four tracks (clocking in at less than eight minutes) of catchy melodies played with burning punk intensity. This vinyl-only EP was the first of many classic releases on Lookout! by this band. Also features a fantastic rendition of “Big Yellow Taxi!” Totally essential

The Potatomen "All My Yesterdays"

Lookout 160

After an absence, The Potatomen returned in 1996 with a new 12" EP and a new line up providing a rounded-out fuller sound. Joining Larry and Patrick was future Cuts and Howlin' Rain drummer Garrett Goddard along with A.J Stichal on bass. Five tracks of signature Potatomen folk-punk are included on this extended player (plus a dose of Morrissey-style vocal delivery) with Larry's emotive lyrics.

Crimpshrine "Quit Talkin' Claude"

Lookout 15

Crimpshrine graduate from two minute chaotic punk blasts to lengthier introspective tunes on “Quit Talkin’ Claude”, their second EP for Lookout. The band shows a deeper and more emotional side on tracks “Butterflies” and “Situation," with a solid yet slightly restrained beat, compared to chaotic - and awesome - rhythms of “Sleep, What’s That?" From the the whistles on the opening track, to the Hendrix style riffage of “Inspiration," this line-up (featuring Paul Curran on bass) had clearly matured, even if they hadn't grown up. You can easily hear early traces of the musical ideas explored by ex-Crimpshrine members in bands such as Fifteen, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

Various Artists "Can of Pork"

Lookout 44
The epic Can of Pork compilation double album is great document of the thriving early 1990's punk scene in the East Bay and other pocket scenes around the US including The Lookouts final recorded appearance, “Kick Me in the Head”, truly one of their more loose, rocking tracks. Also featured are Fifteen, Blatz, the first recorded appearance of Lag Wagon among the rest of this top notch comp along with nuggets from other Lookout artists Mr T. Experience, The Vagrants, Wynona Riders, Brent’s TV, Juke, Jack Acid and Spitboy. Another achievement of Can of Pork, was to capture on record a number of other unsung punk treasures of the day, such as One Man Running, The Lizards, and The Porcelain Boys. Legendary ex-OPIV outfit Downfall contributed “North Berkeley," teasing interest in one of the most anticipated bands that was to never be. Housed in perfect Lookout trademark style artwork, Can of Pork stands the test of time as a document of its day - covered in punk landmines, and littered with the right attitude.

The Riverdales "Back To You"

Lookout 117 

The second Riverdales single taken from their debut album is another quick fire round of straight ahead punk with strong no bullshit production provided by Mass Giorgini. "Back To You" is a Weasel/Vapid number lifted from the album while the exclusive B-side is a cover version of Billie Holiday's "I Can't Pretend."

Samiam "I Am"

Lookout 24

Released in 1990, Samiam’s “I Am” 7” is an excellent perfect peek into the window of the Berkeley underground scene of the time. Active since 1988 when Marty and Jason's other band Isocracy broke up, Samiam released one Lookout 7" after their classic debut EP and LP for New Red Archives. Full of spiky pop chunks, churning melodies and enough gravel to move anyone laid before it, "I Am" captures early Samiam in top form., played with a truthfulness of the time, hearts intact. Jason Beebout’s vocals open up worlds of heat-cracked sidewalks, youthful energy and the feeling that anything is possible. This is the sound of a  band beyond competent at making melodic rocking tunes that don't let up.

The Potatomen "Now"

Lookout 101

Formed in 1992, The Potatomen started as a Lookout Records house band of sorts, as the group was made up entirely of the label staff. Larry Livermore sang and played guitar, Patrick Hynes played the bass and Chris Appelgren was the drummer (though he substituted cardboard boxes for drums as needed). Armed with an acoustic guitar and a battery-powered bass amp, The Potatomen started performing outside of Gilman Street and a nearby doughnut shop frequented by punk kids, singing country-tinged (and Smiths-influenced) pop punk songs about friends and local scenesters like "Aaron Went Shopping," "Davey" and "Punk Rock Boy." It wasn't long before the Potatomen graduated to playing on stages and entered into the studio with Andy Ernst (Green Day, Nuisance) to cut their debut EP "On The Avenue" and the tracks that would constitute their debut album, "Now." The Potatomen went through a number of line-up changes in subsequent years, releasing a number of additional EPs and albums.  

Squirtgun "S/T"

Lookout 128

Squirtgun’s debut self-titled full length picks up where their “Shenanigans” EP left off with 12 tracks of charming sunny punk rock including some faster numbers, and tighter arrangements showcasing bassist and producer Mass Giorgini's skills in the studio. As showcased on “Shenanigans” the four Lafayette locals quickly and effortlessly work its way through a batch of memorable songs that fit perfectly with Lookout's mid-90's artist roster. The familiar “Squirt-boy” character appears on the cover once and isjoined  by some other recognizable Lookout-related mascots on the rear sleeve. Featuring new versions of “Social” and “Frederick's Frost” from the debut EP, this album does not disappoint.

Squirtgun "Shenanigans"

Lookout 118

Indiana’s Squirtgun made their Lookout Records debut with these 4 tracks of undeniably upbeat and catchy punk. Led by former Rattail Grenadier members (and brothers) Flav (guitar) and Mass (bass) Giorgini and vocalist Matt Hart, the “Shenanigans” EP does not let up on its ability to make you smile. From the opening riff of “Social,” Squirtgun kick out their own brand of charming pop punk that never strayed over the coming years. Released in 1995, "Social" was actually featured during the opening titles of 1995 Kevin Smith's movie, “Mallrats." Drummer Dan Lumley (Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, Common Rider) also takes the throne for this morsel of pop goodness.

The Riverdales "Fun Tonight"

Lookout 115 

The Riverdales are a leather jacket and jeans punk trio featuring Screeching Weasel mainstays Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid that originally formed in 1995. With the aid of Lookout Records regular Danny Panic on drums, the band rock through some oldies and Ramones inspired tunes. This 7" is the first of two singles released before the band's self-titled debut album. "Fun Tonight" is a quick-fire party anthem, while "I'm a Vegetable" is a straightforward riffed-out rocker written and sung by Dan Vapid

Sewer Trout "Songs About Drinking"

Lookout 8 

Sacramento’s Sewer Trout were another of the Gilman Street mainstays of the late 1980’s. After initially featuring on Maximum Rocknroll’s legendary “Turn It Around” compilation, Sewer Trout released their first proper record on Lookout, the seven track 7” EP “Songs About Drinking." Sewer Trout’s charm lay in it’s loose rambling pop punk ditties, not unlike early Dead Milkmen. With trademark voice, Jim Maclean warbles though offbeat tracks such as “Sex Trout” and “President of the Anarchy Club." Paired up with brother Hal Maclean on drums, Jim’s lyrics are instantly memorable and, at times, heartfelt and personal (as evidenced on “I’m a Hypocrite." “Songs About Drinking” serves as another crucial piece in the early jigsaw puzzle of Lookout’s catalog, and was the beginning in a line of releases well loved by collectors. Though only active a handful of years, Sewer Trout - and their love of beer and crude humor - live on!

The Vindictives "The Many Moods of The Vindictives"

Lookout 116

“The Many Moods of The Vindictives” is a double album worth of psychotic, troubled, fast punk rock. By the time of their Lookout debut, the “Rocks in My Head” vinyl single, these Chicago crazies had already amassed an impressive collection of self released EP’s. These EP’s along with various compilation appearances were collected into this 28 track collection. Every song is a punch to face of anti-establishment, reclusive, rude and utterly insane punk. “The Many Moods of The Vindictives” fits perfectly alongside early releases by pals (and peers) The Queers and Screeching Weasel, while retaining a trademark sound of schizo vocals with manic and melodic punk rock. Originally released in 1995.

The Vagrants "Gone"

Lookout 32 

The Vagrants bring a feel of mystery and brooding to their brand of punk. The “Gone” 7” EP packs plenty of layered rock on top of punk sensibilities to create a satisfying slice of moody underground rock from 1990 with a slow heavy, (pre-) emo sound that reveals more upon repeated listens and features members of Filth, The Wynona Riders and Pot Valiant. Three tracks designed for an introspective afternoon.

The Mr. T Experience "Alternative Is Here To Stay"

Lookout 126

MTX strike back with a new 7" and the debut of the "Starship" line-up on this two track classic (with extra tunes on the CD version). Joel Reader steps up to the bass player's plate along with Jolt drummer, Jim Pittman. This EP (or is it a single?) would be the last release before Dr Frank and band unleashed the album "Love is Dead" upon the world, featuring a title track that played at the then (early 90's) burgeoning 'alternative' music scene.

Boris The Sprinkler "Russian Robot"

Lookout 203

1998 saw the release of this insane piece of 7” vinyl from Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Boris The Sprinkler. Featuring one track from the “Suck” full length and exclusive B-side tracks “Do The Go” and “Got The Time”, the “Russian Robot” 7” jumps maniacally headfirst into the Boris The Sprinklers wacky world of day-glo punk. Led by the ever charismatic and cartoon like Rev Norb, Boris The Sprinkler are steeped in pop culture mayhem and packed with humor that necessitate repeated plays. This 7” EP fits perfectly into the long line of bizarre and addictive louder than life slabs of wax issued by these one of a kind punk rock crusaders!

Sludgeworth "Losers Of The Year"

Lookout 131

"Losers Of The Year," Sludgeworth’s posthumous collection of recordings, is a testament to a great underground band that never received their due during their original run. The roots of Sludgeworth date back to 1989 when Screeching Weasel was on hiatus. Dan Schafer and Brian Vermin along with three other Chicago locals (Adam White, Dave McClean and Mike Hootenstrat), formed Sludgeworth, creating an almost immediate impact  after releasing their first single for Roadkill Records and gaining a strong local following with a score of successful live shows, headlining over future punk rock royalty like Green Day, Jawbreaker and Midwest punk veterans such as The Effegies. As 1991 set in, they set about recording a full length for Chicago’s Johann’s Face records, titled “What’s This?”. Musical differences soon began rearing their head though the band pushed on, clocking in more live shows with the likes of The Vindictives, Pegboy and the Smoking Popes. A self-released two track 7” EP followed, entitled “Brightside,” before the band finally split over direction. Schafer continued as part of a new phase of Screeching Weasel while other members explored funk leanings in a new venture, Pound. Sludgeworth’s "Losers Of The Year" stands as the legacy of a unique band that crafted heartfelt punk anthems, with huge melodies and guts. Every track a sing-a-long classic, capturing the essence of an important time in the history of Midwestern punk rock and still sounding relevant today. Featured on this release are tracks from the “What’s This?” full length, the “Brightside” EP and various unreleased tracks.

Tilt "S/T"

Lookout 61

The partnership of Jeffery Bischoff and Cinder Block, would be a winning punk rock combination that would work its way through almost a decade of activity in Tilt. This 7” EP is their first release, and served as a warm up to their debut full length “Play Cell”. Tight instrumentation featuring drummer Vince Camacho and bass player Pete Rypins, creating a strong counterpoint to the punch of Cinder Block’s powerful vocals. Tilt created a unique brand of energetic melody that worked like a kick to the guts. These four tracks cover a range of tempos and feels, with Pete Rypins taking lead vocals on “Redemption."Originally released in 1992.

Various Artists "Punk Seven Inch CD Volume 1"

Lookout 293

A boatload of early Lookout Records punk is crammed onto this 47 track compilation release. Bringing together six classic early Lookout 7" EP's onto one convenient shining disc, this is a perfect crash course for those unaware of the early label output from 1988/89. Brimming with punk heritage, the "Punk Seven Inch" CD features ALL of original artwork in a beautifully replicated (and thick) booklet. A bargain piece of punk history!!

The Mr T Experience "Tapin' Up My Heart"

Lookout 106

Dr Frank and company blast off two sure-fire hits on this 7" from 1994. Produced by Kevin Army and featuring Sweet Baby's Dallas Denery on backing vocals, this two track 7" would be the last recording with bass player Aaron Rubin (who left to focus on his other band, Samiam). "Tapin' Up My Heart" is a stop-and-start pop punk about the tribulations of love, while "My Stupid Life" is a classic MTX upbeat rocker.

The Skinflutes "Sawhorse"

Lookout 29

The Skinflutes' 7” EP “Sawhorse” marked an early musical endeavor by the prolific Mike Kirsch, who would go onto perform in Pinhead Gunpowder, Fuel, and John Henry West among many more. The three tracks on this 7” fuse East bay melodic punk with early emo and hardcore intensity. Packed with energy and fist-raising anti establishment anthems, The Skinflutes make you wish they'd recorded more (the only other released song being the opening track on "Floyd"). Without a doubt an underrated gem in the Lookout catalog.

Kamala and the Karnivores "Girl Band"

Lookout 16
Recorded and released in 1989, Kamala and the Karnivores only release, the "Girl Band" EP, features four tracks crafted with intertwined melodies, varying tempos, and enough punch to remain on the right side of twee that can’t help but get clung to the inside of your skull. This EP shows the eclectic talent that was surrounding the East Bay scene around the early days of Lookout Records. If you like quality songwriting, dreamy melodies and heartfelt admissions, then Kamala & The Karnivores deliver. Kamala would also go on to drum for prolific punk revolutionaries, Cringer, while Todd would later cofound and play drums in Spitboy. Bassist Ivy would later replace Richie Bucher in the last incarnation of Sweet Baby.

The Mr T Experience "Gun Crazy"

Lookout 68

MTX drop in between albums for this short sweet offering from 1992. "Gun Crazy" was quickly deleted after its first pressing due to the unauthorized use of a photograph by Larry Clark for the cover artwork. Three of this band's most upbeat and melodic treats are contained within - "More Than Toast" sees Dr Frank at his lyrical best in an ode to female ways, and "Swallow Everything" and "Together Tonight" are classics. These three glorious tunes were so good they were rerecorded for 1994's "Our Bodies, Our Selves"

The Mr T Experience "Love American Style"

Lookout 45   
“Love American Style” is a classic witty MTX, serving as tease of the soon to be released “Milk Milk Lemonade” full length. Dr. Frank’s trademark songwriting rules on the title track, packed with catchy lead breaks, and pop punk goodness. This EP featured two non-LP tracks on the flip, a cover of the “Spiderman” TV show theme, and the rocking “Somebody Wants To Love You”.

Operation Ivy "Energy"

Lookout 10

The influence of the Operation Ivy's debut and only full length "Energy" cannot be overstated. Originally released by Lookout in 1989, Operation Ivy blends a perfect cocktail of melodic punk, ska, and high energy. Truly one of the greatest punk albums of all time, "Energy" is an album is continuously essential. 19 tracks on the original release span the subject of laid back summer days ("Bad Town"), manic ska ("Smiling") and classic East Bay punk ("Big City"). Operation Ivy appeared and disappeared in a flash, leaving behind only a few recordings that were instantaneously legendary within the punk scene (and beyond). Name-checked by many, and loved by many more, "Energy" will always remain an album that has to belong in any self respected music lovers collection. The members of OPIV went on to form bands including Rancid, Schlong, Downfall, The Transplants, Big Rig, and Common Rider.

Groovie Ghoulies "Re-Animation Festival"

Lookout 182

The Ghoulies followed up their first Lookout Records album in 1997 with "Re-Animation Festival" and revealed their strongest full length to date. Armed in battle with the popular rhythm keeper Dan Panic, the Groovie Ghoulies struck gold with this 12 track treasure chest packed to the brim with jewels!! Aided with the masterful production of Mass Giorgini this LP turns out hit after hit of Ghoulie anthems. "Tunnel of Love" kicks off side one with mid-tempo punk goodness. Things quickly get turned up a gear with fan favorite "Graveyard Girlfriend". From this point on the spooky pop punk doesn't let up "School is Out," "Chupacabra" and "Satisfy Me" all do exactly that. A classic 90's full length that goes beyond the call of duty.

Groovie Ghoulies "Appetite for Adrenochrome"

Lookout 148

"Appetite for Adrenochrome" is the classic first full-length from the Groovie Ghoulies, recorded in 1989. This 13 track spooky punk slab of vinyl was originally released on Crimson Corpse Records, and later given the Lookout makeover in 1996. Kepi's trademark horror and sci-fi soaked fun punk anthems stretch out over this 12", with gems such as "Blood Beach," "The Blob," "Do the Bat," "Ghoul Chant" among the strong track listing plus a couple covers and a hidden rock treat!! Each track kicks straight in, leaving no time wasted. This early incarnation of the Ghoulies is an indispensable time capsule of a funtastic band making it's first mark on a long and blood soaked punk trail!

Groovie Ghoulies "Running with Bigfoot"

Lookout 177

Bigfoot comes running straight off "World Contact Day" in the form of this 4 track EP. With him he brings us three other Groovie Ghoulies exclusives - "She Hangs Out", "Valentine" and "Planet Brian Jones" - regularly namechecked as many's fans fave Ghoulies blasts! This is the second 7" EP from "World Contact Day," the Ghoulies' debut album for Lookout from 1996. Features cover art by "The Maxx" creator Sam Keith.

Screeching Weasel / Born Against "Split"

Lookout 73

An unlikely alliance comes in the form of evergreen Chicago punks Screeching Weasel and NY hardcore heavyweights Born Against. It all makes sense to the lucky listener as he sets his needle down on these seven inches of glorious rebellion. Ben Weasel and company crank it out hard on two tracks exclusive to this Lookout release, with little space for any foreplay. Born Against counter attack with their trademark raging wall of noise hardcore punk. This EP goes beyond the boundaries, with two tracks penned for each others band. The CD version features two bonus cuts. Screeching Weasel side cover art featured artwork by Erika Hynes

Brents T.V "Lumberjack Days"

Lookout 36

Brents TV released this 7” on Lookout in 1990 and it remains the sole release - while an active band - of their unique thrift store beat-punk. Charming from start to end, “Lumberjack Days” is full of swinging sounds and bopping rhythms. Featuring future members of The Ne'erDoWells and The Hi Fives, Brents TV were true originators of the Kingston Trio meets The Ramones sound, proven in numerous shows (many often held in laundromats). For a further full retrospective of their recorded output see Lookout #102.

The Crumbs "Shakespeare"

Lookout 166

The Crumbs first 7" for Lookout came in the form of this explosion of garage rock'n'roll fireballs by the names of "Shakespeare" and "Gonna Like It." Raf Classic's pizza-greaser vocals are instantly recognizable, and just as charming in sizable chunks. The Crumbs combine punk rock swagger with a rockin' 50's beat. The "Shakespeare" EP is a great slice of Crumbs attitude.

Avail / (Young) Pioneers "Split"

Lookout 189

Avail deliver two trademark anthems in the form of "New #2" and "Lombardy St" Always rocking, always essential. The boys are backed by their Richmond VA neighbors in the form of folk punk rock heroes the (Young) Pioneers. Fresh from the "On Trial" 7", these energetic fellows crank out three marching punk beauties. Seven inches of vinyl that is bound to get you ready for battle.

Spitboy "S/T"

Lookout 51

These four punk women get down to serious business as soon as their debut EP kicks off. Spitboy play aggressive no nonsense punk rock, with a conscious edge. The music is sincere and abounds in critical wordplay. This 7" marks the early beginnings of a serious force in female underground music, making it a must have!

The Donnas / Toilet Boys "Split"

Lookout 214

The Donnas work up a sweat with this exclusive split with NY shock-rockers, The Toilet Boys from 1999. One track each on this 7" adds up to equal parts sex, thrills, and loud rock n roll!! "Get You Alone" is the Donnas offering and The Toilet Boys wreck the speakers with "You got it" as a quick fire risque rock blast!

Various Artists "Punk USA"

Lookout 77

Released in 1994, Punk USA marks a time when the much loved compilation full length was coming to an end to be replaced by the “sampler”. Truly a compiled album in its essence, Punk USA presents a cross section of so many great and important punk bands from the mid 1990’s. Compiled by Screeching Weasel’s Ben Weasel, this album holds 15 standout tracks, and a hidden treat. Classic cuts from The Queers, Screeching Weasel, and The Vindictives, all exclusive to this LP. Favourites of the day Face to Face blast through a track reminiscent of their early days, and the ever legendary Jawbreaker submit an unreleased anthem in the form of “Sea green foam” that was always destined to become a future classic. Punk USA also goes the length and breadth of the punk spectrum from this time period with swinging sounds of Thankless Dogs, the tight melodies of Sinkhole and the peppy chimes of Beatnik Termites. Other just as noteworthy performances come in the form of Moral Crux, Scratch Bongowax, 8 Bark, The Pist, Submachine, Garden Variety, Scratch Bongowax and pre Squirtgun outfit Rattail Grenadier! Quite possibly one of the last great compilation releases of this era, and utterly essential!

Moral Crux "Something More Dangerous"

Lookout 272 (Panic Button)

Moral Crux are armed with iron front fury as much as huge melodies. Influenced by such “77 style” punk bands as Stiff Little Fingers, Moral Crux are able to make you find yourself knowing every lyric due to the catchiness of the mainstream bashing tunes. Already a long serving member of the underground, these Washington State punkers christened Lookout! Imprint Panic Button with “Something More Dangerous.” The 14 tracks are a perfect mix of total harmony and punk rock anger. Upbeat all the way, tracks like “Bomb for the Mainstream”, “Beat of despair”, and “Waiting for a bomb” make it impossible to be a casual listener of this slab of ganglike punk. This full length picks up the pace on faster numbers “Teenage Atrocity” and “Get outta my brain” adding fuel to this punk fire. If you like your socially aware punk laced with big melodies, this full length is for you.

Plaid Retina "S/T"

Lookout 7

With roots in the Los Angeles metal scene, Plaid Retina came about in 1986 influenced by the speedy crossover hardcore bands of the day such as DRI, and the underground punk scene. The self titled 1988 7” on Lookout gives example of band creating chaos and fury that would translate over for many years to come in future full on endeavors in the punk and hardcore scene. 12 tracks spanning two sides of this 7”, show the attitude contained within. With track titles such as “aggravated assault”, “sugar fit”, and “leprosy”, Plaid Retina had as much personality as they did ultra fast nihilism. The Plaid Retina 7”, give another example of a band not only laying groundwork, but creating another important staple in the early Lookout catalog. Plaid Retina stuck around for many years after this initial sonic attack, putting out records for a host of independent labels, as well as a full length for Lookout. Recommended for those appreciate their music in short, sharp shocks!

Screeching Weasel "Anthem for a New Tomorrow"

Lookout 76

Screeching Weasel returned with full length number five in 1993. Featuring the golden line up of Weasel, Jughead, Vapid and Panic, with cameo appearances from Fat Mike, Jawbreaker’s Blake Schwarzenbach and Joey Vindictive of The Vindictives, the Weasel team were onto another winner. Clocking in with 18 tracks, “Anthem” blends a perfect cocktail of fast aggressive punk, melodic punk ditties, and memorable songwriting. From fast snotty punk blasts of “Leather Jacket” and “Three Sides” to angst-pop tunes of “Claire Monet” and “Falling Apart,” this is prime Screeching Weasel at the top of their game. Tight performances and straightforward production showcase Ben Weasel’s knack for great punk songwriting. Each song flows into the next, with a series of jolts to the system. The middle piece of their trilogy of early 90’s albums, “Anthem For A New Tomorrow” was, is and always will be a true classic of the era.

The Avengers "Died For Your Sins"

Lookout 217

Penelope Houston returns with The Avengers for this amazing slab of punk history. Originally put together at the height of the first round of punk in the late 70’s, The Avengers defined an era in American punk. “Died for your sins” is a compilation of sorts, that most importantly features new material under the late 90’s version of the band “The Scavengers” (With Lookout regulars Danny Panic, and Joel reader) . This alone worth the door price, this full length also has classic material from studio rehearsal sessions, recorded in 1978. Side B reveals more classic cuts from the 70’s in the form of various live appearances, making this an essential document of old and new from this iconic band. Penelope’s trademark attitude is scattered through out these 18 tracks, while the classic punk sound is embedded into every minute, of this far too short lived band. With no where near the amount of official output on the market this band deserves, “Died for your sins” proves to be a must have recording of a band that remains untouched in a classic era of punk rock.

Various Artists "The Thing That Ate Floyd"

Lookout 11

This huge 1988 compilation is like a history lesson for those uneducated about the world of the Gilman Street and Californian punk scene of the time. Compiled by David Hayes and originally spanning 4 sides of 12” vinyl (and later on a remastered double CD) there are few chinks in this musical armor. Unreleased material comes in the form of such Lookout! artists as Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, Isocracy, Mr. T Experience, Plaid Retina, The Lookouts, Stikky, Sewer Trout, Nuisance, Sweet Baby, and that’s only scratching the surface. This iconic release, packed with 34 tracks of goodness also has such favorites of the day as Cringer, No Use For A Name, Capitol Punishment and Steelpole Bathtub. An amazing representation of the fertile California underground scene that went on to define punk into the 90s. Housed in unique packaging wrapped around a huge booklet, file this release under: Essential.

Hockey Night "Keep Guessin'"

Lookout 315

The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a tremendous and diverse indie rock and punk heritage - The Replacements, Husker Du, Babes In Toyland, Har Mar Superstar, Dillinger Four. Hockey Night is another great new band from this special scene; five guys from St. Paul who take their music and their fun seriously. They're art smart and "Keep Guessin'" is their second album, the follow-up to the eclectic and irreverent "Rad Zapping". Their music is melodic, catchy and quirky, blending influences as wide as kraut rock, 90's indie, 80's new wave with punk sensibilities and arena pop-rock aplomb. Their special twist is an infectious energy that just gets you smiling. Here's how the band describe themselves; "Nonstop mind-zap melodies. Superhooks and shimmery light tones. Harmonized dual guitars and inntertubes. Watery vocal jams, dripping hooks and glops. Giant folk choruses and late evening wood-flutes. Empty fire and echos, blazing over glistening drum shots and slippery hits. Then solo becomes eagle mind soaring over rivers of buzzy pop and fizzy throat hums. A return to melody."

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Mary Timony "Ex Hex"

Lookout 314

In 2004, Timony began work on the songs that would become Ex Hex, her third solo album and first for Lookout Records, with drummer Devin Ocampo (also of the band, The Medications) and producer Brendan Canty of the band Fugazi. She had relocated from Boston to Washington D.C. and most of the sessions were conducted at the legendary recording studio, Inner Ear. Built around a foundation of guitar and drums, the album's 11 songs are a combination of stark art-garage stompers and beautiful spiraling musical landscapes all informed with Timony's signature vocals and lyrics.

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The Oranges Band "The World And Everything In It"

Lookout 313

Setting sonic comparisons aside this time - Here's some interesting facts about "The World And Everything In It." Eschewing limited time in a stuffy studio, the band set up their own in a basement and spent months writing and demo'ing the songs that make up their new album. Roman Kuebler produced, arranged and directed the affair, pulling from Baltimore's greatest talents to add back up vocals, keyboards and lend gear. His neighbor J. Robbins (producer of Jets To Brazil, Promise Ring, Maritime) joined The Oranges Band to mix the albums final eleven songs. What can be said about the music itself? It's fiercely original, it lumbers lurches and rumbles with driving rhythms, soft and personal vocals, and epic portions guitars. Yet, it's fragile and strange, layered with unusual sounds below the hooks and choruses. "The World And Everything In It" is the kind of album that rewards discovery, and then complete and continued listenings.

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Engine Down "Engine Down"

Lookout 311

Engine Down's self-titled Lookout debut is a breath of fresh angst-ridden air for underground rock. Produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, Hot Water Music, The Movielife, The Explosion many more), "Engine Down" is an incredibly strong and creative album. Tracks such as "And Down," "In Turn," and "Long Time Waiting" reflect the band's mission "to write meaningful music that keeps them driven to share it with the world." Engine Down built an incredibly solid fan base reinforced by almost constant touring. In 2004 alone they toured with Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Poison The Well, Thursday, Moments In Grace and Sparta. The melodies and power of this album won over new ears as well as satisfying long-time fans. Engine Down disbanded after the release of "Engine Down" in 2005.

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Ted Leo And The Pharmacists "Shake The Sheets"

Lookout 310

Released in 2004, Ted Leo And The Pharmacists' third album for Lookout Records, "Shake The Sheets," is a triumph on nearly every level. Produced by Chris Shaw (Dashboard Confessional, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy) in New York City during the spring of 2004, it was informed by almost every political and cultural conversation happening in our world at the time fused with a message of hope and humility. Ted Leo is a special artist whose previous full length, 2003's "Hearts Of Oak," dominated critics' lists for the year, garnering glowing features and positive reviews in SPIN (9 out of 10), Rolling Stone (3 Stars), Alternative Press (5 out of 5), The New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly as well as tremendous support from the punk press and online music sites. Followed-up by "Living With The Living" (Touch & Go Records) and most recently, "The Brutalist Bricks" on Matador Records.

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The Lashes "The Stupid Stupid"

Lookout 308

Meet The Lashes! This Seattle six piece will win you over with their melodic keyboard-driven sound, two guitar attack, wild live show and heart-wrenched lyrics delivered by Ben Lashes & co. Fueled by copious amounts of Sparks - the alcoholic energy drink available in 24 ounce cans - The Lashes have hooks, tunes and harmonies to spare and take their cues from the greatest New Wave, Power-pop and Punk, creating an instant classic sound that's all their own. Originally released in 2004.

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Black Cat Music "October, November"

Lookout 307

Blending modern rock n’ roll, garage and punk, Black Cat Music are a force to be reckoned with. Having spent time in bands like The Criminals, The Receivers, Hatebreed, San Geronimo, and The Magnetic, the band members have an eclectic history from which to draw and come together to create some of the most cohesive, interesting and explosive music around. They are intelligent trashy punk rock, conjuring images of rock moderne and methadone chic. They draw comparisons to The Misfits, The Clash, Gun Club, Laughing Hyenas, Morrissey, The Cure, Richard Hell, Nick Cave, Social Distortion, At The Drive-In, Murder City Devils, and (International) Noise Conspiracy. But these are mere comparisons. They are their own. "October, November" is Black Cat Music's second album for Lookout, following up "Hands In The Estuary, Torso In The Lake'. Recorded with Bay Area super producer Jeff Saltzman, the songs on the new album mesmerize, captivate and rock. Stand out tracks include "The Jet Trash" and "The Cloud Of Glam."

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Communiqué "Poison Arrows"

Lookout 305

In late 2003, Communiqué locked themselves inside Sharkbite Studios in Oakland with producer Mark Keaton to craft their debut album. Two months later they emerged with the finished tracks for "Poison Arrows." The album is a potent mix of punk, Bowie-era glam and the jangle of The Smiths - drenched in 80's era keyboards. Extensive touring honed Communiqué into a tight, sharp beast. "Poison Arrows" balances the band's sophisticated instrumentation with a intensity that speaks all the way back to the underground punk that inspired these guys to pick up instruments in the first place. The first single, "Perfect Weapon" is dance music that rocks. Communiqué has captured their essence - equal parts perfumed silk and whiskey-breath kisses - in a way that few others do with their first album.

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The Reputation "to force a fate."

Lookout 304

The Reputation's "to force a fate." is their second album and first for Lookout. The band was fronted by vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Elmore who led the popular band Sarge in the 90's. The Reputation were from Chicago, IL and had a musical style that combined melodic punk with the fragile emotion of alt-country and 70's singer-songwriters. "to force a fate." was produced by Mike Hagler and features 10 songs. The album has the same driving Mid-Western power behind groups like Naked Raygun, Alkaline Trio and Pegboy, tempered with delicate flourishes of piano, strings and horns, brought together by Elizabeth's sultry, captivating vocals.

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The Washdown "Yes To Everything"

Lookout 301

The Washdown have crafted their very own stylish brand of punk by combining punk, disco, no-wave and soul. These Florida boys have catchy hooks you can't get out of your head and infectious rhythms that get your booty shaking.

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